10 tips for making the most of the Magic Kingdom in one day

Our family—my husband, 5-year-old son and I—recently had the opportunity to spend one full day at Disney World. It’s not much, I know. So in the interest of making the most of our time, I reached out for advice from my many parent-friends: If we pick one park to spend all of our time, which should it be? Is it beneficial to get the multi-park, one-day pass and hop around? What are the “can’t-miss” rides and attractions? What else must I know?

Based on their invaluable advice, the fact that our son was the “perfect age” for it and the desire not rush around from place to place, we decided to spend all of our time at the Magic Kingdom. And a great decision it was!

The following tips include a mix of that invaluable advice I gathered from friends and our amazing experience at the Happiest Place on Earth. Continue reading

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Long time, no post

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted to my Mommy-Schmommy blog. And MUCH has changed in the past two-and-a-half years. Here’s the abridged timeline:

Summer 2012

Joe and I decided to sell our house.

August 2012

Then, in the stress of it all, we snuck off to Europe. The vacation reset our mindset and our priorities. Although we had been to Europe many times before, this trip opened up our minds to the idea of exploring as much as we could of this diverse world we live in. We began to slowly set a course for ourselves to prioritize family time and travel and free ourselves geographically, in an effort to offer our son the gifts the world has to offer. Continue reading

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Flu shot support plan has unintended consequences

RIVER FOREST, IL – In an attempt to provide support and comfort to her toddler son, a Chicago woman decided to combine their annual visits to the clinic for seasonal flu shots into one.

Cate Schmommy proudly boasted to her husband that this year she would get the injection with Joey, going first, to show him how “it’s not a big deal” and demonstrate “bravery over an often unnecessarily stressful moment.”

“I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, quite honestly,” Schmoe said in a recent interview. “I wondered if she had forgotten who she was entirely.” Continue reading

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Terminal Hypochondriac?

I woke up early this morning—one of those immediately-wide-awake wake-ups even though it was only 2:30. I got up, hit the loo, then wandered back to my bed, where I laid, still wide awake, until 5:30. I can’t tell you exactly what went through this noggin in those three hours, but at some point I started to wonder what terminal illness brings on insomnia.


Then, as any mentally healthy person would do, I began taking inventory of all the terminal illnesses with which I’ve diagnosed myself in the past six months. These diagnosis exercises were complete with Google searches, full-body checks (when necessary) and, sometimes, comments on medical specialists’ blogs requesting diagnoses and cures via email (never got a response). Continue reading
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“Pour a glass of wine, girl!”

The Wiggles do their pirate thing while I partake in a spot of vino.

It’s not that I ever need an excuse to drink wine—in fact, I’m making a bit of an effort to cut back (strictly for caloric-intake purposes). But I have noticed there are a few constants in my life that seem to activate the neurons in my brain—the ones that send those messages to my legs to get up, walk into the kitchen, find the closest bottle of wine, open it and pour 4 oz into a glass.

In no particular order…

1. The Wiggles – I admit, I don’t hate The Wiggles. I find their Aussie accents and pseudo-pedophilic undertones somewhat endearing. They’re weird, but harmless. Every time I see a Wiggle, I want some wine. I haven’t yet figured out if it’s to enhance my enjoyment of these bizarre theatrics or to deafen my sensory receptors from forcing me to hear these songs play over and over in my head for the next six days. Either way: Cheers, matey! Continue reading

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Moments from Rib Fest

Orange-shaped Lemonade Stand

A lemonade stand—in the shape of an orange?

A small-town, meat-based festival in the heart of the midwest is just about as great as it sounds. While it would make  a good horror movie for pigs, it was a fun day for the humans.

The competition was only open to amateurs. So, while there were a lot of “good” ribs, these folks weren’t good at serving a constant flow of customers. Booths were often telling customers they were “out of ribs” and that more would be ready in 15, 20, or even 30 minutes. In a marketplace in which you have 20+ other competitors a few feet away serving the same thing, this is a bad business strategy. Continue reading

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Childproofing: 5 easy steps

While my husband and I make the safety of our child our No. 1 priority, the physical act of child-proofing has proved challenging, if not futile. However, we’ve unintentionally stumbled upon a system that works great for us, and is sure to offer you an equally blind sense of accomplishment. Continue reading
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Ribfest 2011—how it went down!

Ribs aren't the only good-eats at Ribfest!

I went to Ribfest and all I got was this piece of corn.

Not really, the corn was pretty fucking fabulous—as my ravenous facial expression implies. Full disclosure: It was originally the Jagamuffin’s “corny,” as he calls it. He asked for it. He ate 3 bites. Then he said, “I want my phone.” So I was left to take over where he left off. Continue reading

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Getting ribbed in the ‘hood!

2010 Rib Fest - Schmommy digs into her first of many ribs of the day.

Today is one of our favorite events of the year: The Rib Fest in our neighborhood! It’s small–only about 25 booths—and only open to amateurs. It’s held in our village’s “picnic grove,” which is fairly small, and it brings a decent crowd of locals.

We take the rib-tasting very seriously. In previous years, I’ve prepped myself by going vegan the day before the big event. Now that I’m a flexitarian, that wasn’t much of an issue—but I will deviate from my normal flex schedule this weekend and eat meat ONLY today. And, boy, will I eat it! Continue reading

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Photo Slots — A Top 5 list

Let me explain: I have 3,646 photos currently sitting cozy in my iPhone “Camera Roll.” The following are random photos I found by closing my eyes, sliding my finger along the screen, randomly stopping and touching a picture. I did it five times. Enjoy. Continue reading
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