Photo Slots — A Top 5 list

Let me explain: I have 3,646 photos currently sitting cozy in my iPhone “Camera Roll.” The following are random photos I found by closing my eyes, sliding my finger along the screen, randomly stopping and touching a picture. I did it five times. Enjoy.

PHOTO 1: We moved into this house and soon thereafter, the wood of this window pane began to appear damp. It turned dark, and it wasn’t long before mushrooms---yeah, you read that right, mushrooms---started popping up through the cracks. Now, when life hands me lemons, I’m the type to make lemonade. Risotto anyone?

PHOTO 2: Just as I am a foodie-wannabe, I am also a mixologist-wannabe. Schmoe and I have sacrificed our time and livers over the years to perfect the cocktails we adore. This is our “Cate’s Favorite Margarita,” inspired by Rick Bayless’ traditional margarita at Topolobampo.

PHOTO 3: This year, Schmoe turned 41. What better way to celebrate than to hang out at Graham Elliot for a few hours indulging on the 5-course tasting menu. This was the dessert course---I think it was called the Mutha-Fuckin-Chocolate Bomb Bitch! (Not really). Unfortunately, I got sick (not because of GE’s food, I just happened to get sick about 15 minutes after we sat down) so I didn’t taste this. But Schmoe was happy to eat two servings of each course and dug this chocolate dish. Happy Birthday Baby!

PHOTO 4: Yeah, we’re at Chili’s! What? Joey can act like a complete a-hole and we don’t have to apologize for it. … And they have margaritas.

PHOTO 5: A master-chef in the making: This is called “French Toast Cubes in Diner Cup with Fallen Sausage Towers”

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7 Responses to Photo Slots — A Top 5 list

  1. Amy says:

    Oh my gaaad that chocolate looks amazing. Did you notice all of these photos involve food or drink? (windowsill mushrooms totally count) We are like-minded people!

  2. Wendy Fehr says:

    Hmmm…I sense a these to your px. I like it. But it makes me hungry.

  3. Jennifer says:

    The chocolate thing looks like a dog took a shit on the plate. I am sure it was good, I am just saying.

    On my IPOD Braden randomly makes videos today he said Mom, you called me Evan. I said no I did not and he said yes you did, see and hit play. First he is 4 second, I don’t know how to use the video camera and he does. Third, should he know about video evidence at this young age???? I am so screwed.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Or said kid is looking at Mom and Dad who are telling him to quit playing with his food…his look says Mom, Dad, I will do whatever the fuck I want in public because I know you won’t beat me right here and right now…and I will do it all with a cute little smile on my face… Oh wait, that is what my kids do!

  5. Mrs. Schmommy says:

    Graham Elliot would NOT appreciate your critique of his chocolate presentation. Anyway, if dog shit tasted that good, I’d eat it!


  6. Jennifer says:

    I have no idea who Graham Elliot is, but I bet that Gordon Ramsey would agree with my interpretation of his presentation along with a few F-Bombs for effect!!!

  7. JessicaSchmessica says:

    I agree on that Graham Elliot “shit”. At first I assumed this was some sludge in the basement.

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